We’re live!

What a momentous occasion! We’re live, the site is up and the first chapter is published!

Of course, the site is very much under construction. Most of the character profiles are still missing, and the images on the ones that are already up are just placeholders while I try to get a deviantARTist to work on the illustrations.

But look at the page itself! Great layout, the guys from Moosh have done a top-notch job for us here. It’s got a very nice feel, very fitting with the story (if you can imagine what Dome City is like, you’ll appreciate it!), without feeling “overdesigned.” Really digging it!

In the next days the site will be gaining content and pages. So far I won’t even publicize it while it’s “under construction.” I’m still digging through plugins and widgets, for one I want to get a collapsable menu for the character profiles, we got to get Twitter and Facebook pages up, it’s all work, work, work!

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog while we’re still constructing, congratulations on your search-fu! Hope we’ll keep you as a reader for a long time.

And now sleep beckons. Long live long weekends, and Rugby tomorrow to boot. Woot woot!


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