As it turns out, I completely missed publishing last week’s chapter. Things are really weird around here lately, my sleeping schedule is all over the place, and I’m more than a bit overworked at the moment. Last weekend was spent in a near-zombie state, a mix of lack of regular sleep (but, oddly, plenty of irregular sleep), doing some extra work, and I can’t remember what else.


Also, I haven’t had one of these rants in a while. Mostly because they aren’t as exciting as shooting giant alien mecha with magical powers.

Speaking of the Aliens. When I started writing this during Camp NaNoWriMo, I really hadn’t thought much about them. Other than the giant mecha, I threw some mechanical baddies at the girls without elaborating much on them (I had a couple of ideas about the Empress back then of course, but not about the rank and file ones, so to speak). It wasn’t until the second NaNo that I started fleshing them out. And that’s where we’re at now, the first NaNo ended with the Kokawas’ rescue.

Anyway, squirrels. Not so random, earlier this month I spent a week at Ithaca, NY, talking a shout course at Cornell University. My first impression of the place was, indeed, the squirrels. There are squirrels everywhere in that place. And chipmunks too. We don’t get squirrels over here, it’s mostly cats and the occasional noisy possum.

Note: Possums in New Zealand are very different from possums in Australia. Here, they look thin and kinda flat most of the time. Tiny little speedbumps. I’m thinking of getting little stickers with a possum’s head on them to put on the side of my car, to keep count. Like they did with airplanes in WWII.

So, the week in the US is what messed with my sleeping schedule. That, and of course the Euro 2012 football cup. Watching the matches at four and six in the morning didn’t help. And it hasn’t been the most aesthetically impressive Euro so far, I have to admit. Spain is in the final playing like Italy, and Italy looked very Spain-like when beating Germany. Very strange. Monday morning is the big final, and we’re getting together at a mate’s place to watch it – BYO breakfast. I may break out my cheese scones recipe. 5:00 am baking, woot!

In the meantime, the Clocktower awaits. Where did I put those spare explosives…

– Walkiry out! –


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