Shimizu Ran

Shimizu RanName: Shimizu Ran.

Gender: Female.

Age: 15.

Blood Type: B+.

Hair Colour: Cerise.

Eye Colour: Blue.

Height: 5’4″.

Body Type: Slim.

Favourite Food: Mom’s breakfast!

Favourite Person: Dad.

Hobbies: Drawing, exploring, daydreaming, visiting friends.

Quote: “Really now!”


Ran (蘭, Orchid) is a student of Dome City High, the only high school in Dome City. She is a good student who sometimes struggles with Maths and Physics. The school is the very embodiment of boredom, in her not-so-humble opinion.

She is a cheery, energetic girl, who thrives on friendship and hates to see people get hurt. She is a bit of a worrier, often over-thinking things and blowing them out of proportion. Because of this, she sometimes pushes herself to act without thinking of consequences, as subconsciously she knows she would never do anything if she let her head put all the objections to adventures she is capable of thinking of.

She is an only child, blessed with two loving parents she gets along great with. Her mother, Miya, shares with her much of her artistic inclinations, and is, as she often puts it, the source of colour of her life. Her father, Taizo, is her favourite person in the world, even though she would never admit such a terrible thing in front of her mother, whom she loves very much; she is of the opinion that he is the best father in the whole world. But he’s the one who always draws the line when she goes too far in her adventures.

In the war-torn world they live in, she sometimes feels guilty about having such a great and intact family.

She dreams of what the outside world could be, hearing about nature and the open spaces as they were before the war is one of her favourite things. And while she has many dreams, that is one which could get her very far, because it gives her:


Alias:  Nereida Nostrum.


 Nereida Nostrum


The Mediterranean Sea (which the ancient Romans called Mare Nostrum, ‘our sea’) , is the nearly landlocked sea that is widely considered the cradle of Western Civilization. Separating northern Africa and Europe, every civilization that developed on its shores sought to control it, and for thousands of years its navigation has been a crucial element of trade, and war. Its central role and position earned it similar names from the old civilizations: Mediterraneus in Latin, Mesogeios in Greek. “Between lands”.

It is commonly suggested that Civilization first appeared in ancient Mesopotamia, and soon thereafter expanded to Phoenicia and Egypt, placing it between the waters of the Mediterranean and those of the Persian Gulf. Since the 4th millennium BC, it has nourished, killed, moved, carried, and shared the dreams of hundreds of generations of humans. From the Mesopotans, to the Phoenicians, the Egyptians, the Greek, the Romans, and so many others, they all shared alike: Their love, and their fear, of their Sea.