Sato Sumire

Sato SumireName: Sato Sumire.

Gender: Female.

Age: 15.

Blood Type: O-.

Hair Colour: Black.

Eye Colour: Brown.

Height: 4’10”.

Body Type: Petite.

Favourite Food: Honey roasted nuts.

Favourite Person: Etsuko and Tamako.

Hobbies: Studying, reading, watching her friends’ sports, going to the park.

Quote: “I… Well… I…”


Sumire (菫, Violet) is a student at Dome City High, the High School of Dome City. She is one of the top students, featuring regularly in the top five.

Extremely shy, her apparent fear of everyone and everything made her early school life less than pleasant, until the arrival of who would later become her best friends, Okada Etsuko and Fujita Tamako. With their help and support, she has been opening up to her classmates, and is no longer regarded merely as “the weird girl in glasses”.

She has a habit of turning anything she does into a challenge for herself. As a result, she can appear almost obsessive about otherwise unimportant things. But she thinks she can’t compare any of her silly challenges to those of her friends.

Her relationship with her parents is somewhat strained. Her mother has struggled with depression since as far as she can remember, and despite Sumire’s longtime efforts, she never managed to get close to her mother. Her father is a bit of a workhaholic, and works as a contractor fixing communications equipment, often for the military. As a result, he tends to spend little time home.

She hasn’t had the best time with the recent craziness that has taken Dome City, but with the help of her friends she may still pull through.