Kokawa Nagataka

Kokawa NagatakaName: Kokawa Nagataka.

Gender: Male.

Age: 15.

Blood Type: A-.

Hair Colour: Brown.

Eye Colour: Brown.

Height: 6′.

Body Type: Athletic.

Favourite Food: Porridge.

Favourite Person: Kokawa Torao (father).

Hobbies: Studying, soccer, reading, tinkering with anything that can be tinkered with.

Quote: “I suppose.”


Nagataka (長挙, Everlasting Filial Duty) is a student of Dome City High, the only high school in Dome City, where he is one of the top students and a member of the Soccer Club.

Born in a military family, his father, Torao, is a Lieutenant in the Defence Forces of Dome City. This has very much shaped his life and personality. He is calm, very disciplined and hard working, with a strong sense of duty and an excellent student. He does not hesitate to assume leadership when necessary, while rarely forgetting about his own defects and limitations. Because of this, he tends to be somewhat strict with others,but  not more than he is with himself. Even so, he can easily come across as uncaring or insensitive in the wrong circumstances. Similarly, he tends to follow plans a bit too strictly, be it when playing soccer or doing anything more adventurous than that.

The only time he allows himself to be creative is when he is tinkering with something. Anything, in fact. He has the soul of the inventors of yesteryear, those who waded through seas of uncertainty in their quest for the new, instead of treading carefully in the safe ground of the small improvement. Baby steps are not for him, he wants to make real discoveries; but he always does so by himself.

His father always told him his mother died giving birth to him. That was not entirely accurate, as she was eight months pregnant when she was killed during the attack that destroyed their hidden settlement, fifteen years ago. His father was forced to take him from the womb of her dying mother to save his life, before fleeing with the rest of the refugees in search of a new hiding place. They were found six months later by a patrol from Dome City, which became his new home.

He only has his father’s description to remember his mother; the one thing he’d like more than anything else is to see her face at least once.